Gay Opinion Poll 2009

Opinion Poll on the Level of Support for the War Against
Iraq Amongst the Gay and Lesbian Community

* A recent opinion poll conducted by Stormbreak - a market research company that specialises in researching the gay and lesbian community - amongst a nation-wide sample of 123 gay men and lesbians, found that only 28% were in support of the military action taken by the coalition forces against Iraq (with 14% still undecided). This is only around half of the national average - a Guardian/ICM poll conducted last week found that 52% of the adult population was in favour of the war.

* Reflecting national trends, men and 'older' people (35+ years) were generally more supportive of the war than their female and younger counterparts.

* Again reflecting national trends, people who had voted for the Lib. Dems. in the last General Election were least supportive of the war, Conservative voters were the most supportive, with Labour voters falling somewhere in between. However, even here, general levels of support amongst the gay and lesbian community were found to be much lower than on average, indicating that the 'gay' factor is of significance.

Percentages in Favour of Military Action

Gay Sample


Guardian/ICM Sample
(1st April 2003)

Liberal Democrats




* Support for the Iraqi war would have increased significantly (to 59%), had it been backed by a majority vote of the UN Security Council.

* The war has had a major negative impact on current levels of support for Tony Blair across party affiliations. Fifty seven per cent of the Stormbreak sample claimed that the war had decreased their level of support for Tony Blair's leadership, including 55% of Labour voters.

* A substantial minority (29%) claimed that the government's decision to take military action against Iraq would affect their voting behaviour in the next General Election. The overall impact of this was a negative swing against the Labour Party.

* Only 44% of those who had voted Labour in the last General Election were intending to vote Labour the next time around. The Liberal Democrats look set to pick up a good deal of the protest vote (with a 15% swing from Labour in their favour). More commonly, however, existing Labour voters were yet to decide which party they would vote for in the next General Election (with 24% claiming to be currently 'unsure'). The Liberal Democrats retained support from the overwhelming majority (86%) of gay men and lesbians who had voted for them in the last General Election.

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